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Pearls of wisdom: subspace is all about your emotions

Something i recently questioned is the nature of subspace, if it can be attained as a goal and if it’s misunderstood.

I often describe my own experience as coming easily, a loss of control or an acceptance caused by an altered mental state. A word can put me there, so how is it so easy for me to slip into subspace when others struggle to experience it.

I looked up multiple definitions and then one description had a word that stood out to me, emotions. That loss of control over your emotions is what made the connection for me.

If you are able to close your eyes, picture something, and it alters your emotions, then you are capable of experiencing subspace. Also you have experienced it many times, but it’s not recognizable in the moment. That’s actually the key to experiencing it, you only know after because you realize that you had in fact just lost control of your fears, your joy, your expectations, and you wake to a realization that you have been led by something or someone outside of yourself.

Now enter the old adage – one cannot submit to oneself, and any action that puts you in this state while you are in a submissive mindset is something that puts you in subspace.

For me it’s rope, erotic photography, writing erotica, and in fact… writing in my panty blog – yes now i have somewhat removed myself from it but at this very moment i am in the realization that the smile on my face and the passion behind my words is in fact drawn from my protocol and a form of subspace. Time for some chocolate and water.

These panties have beads that massage my boi pussy and it feels amazing.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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