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Paper thin lines and your assumptions of others

A friend of mine wrote on his blog about how quick to judgment we can all be, especially when it comes to assessing someone’s motives. Over time we become conditioned by our surroundings, entering a new environment or dynamic can sometimes create a conflict of expectations.

The importance of communication and boundaries go without saying in BDSM, equally important are acceptance and support. One of my goals is being an educator, helping others see beyond what they know and the possibilities that are so far untapped.

I recognize as well, the need to remind those who have put in the time, done the research, made mistakes, learned from their mistakes, that without someone to show them the possibilities, none of of that would have happened.

I would like to be that person, and as much as possible to see between the lines, and look upon each interaction as an opportunity to share something beautiful with someone who hasn’t experienced it.

These panties are held together by the thinnest of fabrics, and present the skimpiest lines, but make no assumptions, they help me in my place through the day.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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