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Pearls of wisDomme: What makes a good scene or task truly great

There are so many elements that go into every good scene, ensuring communication, safety, consent and negotiation go without saying. Having a clear expectation of the outcomes and goals is also important, but how do you ensure the success of that plan.

Time is the most critical component and often overlooked. Making sure that it is possible to complete a scene allows both D and s the opportunity to feel a sense of accomplishment and ensures time for critical aspects like preparation and setup, cleanup and storage of items, and recovery and aftercare.

Less is more when planning a scene, it’s better to add to a scene, allow for flexibility and creativity, than to create an impossible outcome or realize the enormity of the challenge in the middle of play.

Finally, the purpose behind the task should always be mutually beneficial. Both parties can tell when the other is disinterested. Often the submissive will blame themself for a failing to keep the D’s attention, or the D will feel as though their submissive is lackadaisical or unmoved by their efforts, when one of or both partners are in a different headspace.

These panties squeezed my balls and pinched my cockhead in ways i could not ignore, with a color that could be felt as brightly as it could be seen, and took effort and attention to adjust deliberately throughout the day.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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