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Often imitated never duplicated

Those intense moments that you recall vividly, the sounds, the smells, the feelings, stay with you, always will, and serve a purpose beyond their intent. It’s not a defined purpose, they serve a reminder of exactly those sensations, but you are the one who decided the meaning.

Part of a good self care routine includes emotional recall, something that you can draw on to remind yourself how you want to feel and it can come in many forms. Some people use pictures, or teas, or a song, but beneath them all is a moment that represents the ideal feelings you wish to have and project.

Choosing the right moment is important, but reliving the moment will never be possible, and this is a common mistake that people make. The more intense and pleasurable a moment, a memory or a scene is, the more we tend to want to protect it and keep it whole. What needs to happen though is a complete dissection of those moments, in order to appreciate them, and use them for good. 

Remembering the sounds, you can find them elsewhere, you can recall the moment in an instant by simply listening to someone, or something similar. Closing your eyes, can you remember a smell or a color that puts you back in that instant – it is possible to see it and smell it everywhere if you concentrate. What was your reaction at the time, did you hold your breath, or clench your teeth, or tense your muscles and can you replicate it now? If you are able to break the moment down, you are able to appreciate that it was all of those things, and you are able to enjoy it and seek out new opportunities to create new moments.

When we contain the memory and revere it, over time it becomes only a memory, the longer it passes, the less we recall. When we attempt to relive, or recreate the moment, we are unable to appreciate the feeling, as we have already experienced it, and each moment will always be unique because the purpose behind it’s creation has changed, and when the meaning changes, the feelings change as well.

I recall what precipitated the purchase of these panties. They replaced panties with very small straps, strings that were tested, that were interrogated until they confessed they were too weak to hold back the lustful forces behind them. Tentative in their ability to hold themselves to my skin, they bobbed and slid with the weight of my arousal up and down my hips, between my legs, against my sensitive hole, teasing until the moment they sprung free from my body and the brunt force of my desire was set free. The sound of the elastic as it fluttered through the air, ever so slightly cutting the tension over and over. Sliding these panties up and over my thighs, pulling them into place over my hips, i remembered all those feelings, and the memory was given it’s purpose.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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