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I had never heard this term before – one night i observed a submissive in a public scene – i immediately understood when he communicated he was blissed out what he meant. How perfectly is described the state of mind, and such a perfect word to explain his level of enjoyment, the type of subspace he was in.

Typically when we think of subspace we imagine intensity, an overwhelming of the senses where mind and body blend into a state beyond our control. There are many different types of consciousness that i feel describe this blissed out frame of mind. I wrote yesterday about the power of recall for intense / impactful moments and scenes, i think there is another level of recall that extends to moments of pleasure where we have more control over our responses.

There are few words and commands, circumstances and scenarios that put me into this state. It takes no warm up, no ritual, entering a blissed out state for me is as simple as hearing my name, seeing a colour, remembering why they matter, and closing my eyes long enough to have it overwhelm me, even just for a second. 

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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