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The ability to improvise is a sub-surprise

Taking initiative can be an empowering experience for a submissive if they have the trust of their Dominant. There are so many questions a submissive asks before making an independent decision on behalf of themselves and their D, but the reward is a sense of pride. 

There is the dreaded fear of topping and passive mindset that says submissives shouldn’t take control. Also, the fear of reprisal and reprimand from taking the wrong path. Finally the need to feel control can be debilitating at times, craving that command instead of acting on desire. 

I found myself in this position, the time had come and gone where clarity would provide an answer – Mistress forgot to choose my panties. Proof that She is human. There have been days, not many, where this was intentional – i cannot tell you which – and i wore no undergarments at all, but not today. I chose to take initiative.

It’s just a tank top, i didn’t choose to invent the time flux capacitor, but i chose to improvise because i wanted to enjoy the protocol, i wanted to make Her smile, i wanted the reward, and i felt a sense of pride.

That’s what makes not wearing panties special 😉

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