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Leaving little to the imagination

There is a middle ground in the communication between Dominant and submissive where creation lies, where ideas become negotiations, and scenes play out uninhibited. Scripting such performances can feel inauthentic, and presenting a blank page lacks enticement.

What, where, when and why, these are the most important questions for a D/s discussion. What it should feel like, where it should take place, when it can happen and why you want it, building the purpose to a scene, a relationship, or simply explaining who you are. 

How is the part that removes the spontaneity, prescribes the actions without leaving room for creating the feeling and the purpose.

It’s ok to share the details of what you want to experience, it is most important to explain why. You have a voice and an opinion, use it to share your feelings, just leave a little to the imagination.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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