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Finally the Beginning

The Fuckening Part I

“Now get on the bed, you need to expose your ass to me” She said as She unclipped the leash from his collar. He leapt onto the bed and dutifully exposed his ass to Her, his metal princess plug still in. It wasn’t long before She returned, now in Her leathers.

“Before you feel me on the inside, you’re going to feel me on the outside” She said and slapped his exposed ass once with her bare hand. He moaned in pleasure to feel Her skin touch his.

“Such a good slut” She said watching his ass wiggle. Her purple flogger began to cut the air with it’s falls, just barely touching his skin. Twirling in the air it got louder and his moans became more pronounced.

“Mistress” he moaned, “Mistress”, his loss for words apparent, his enjoyment evident. She stopped flogging him and placed the handle in his mouth.

“For now you can wrap those pretty lips on this” She told him, then cupping his buttocks with Her hands began massaging him, kneading his muscular buns and raking Her nails intermittently, eliciting sweet seductive moans.

These panties let me expose my ass all day.

That’s what makes these panties special ?

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