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Right in the Middle

The Fuckening Part II

They paused for a moment at the door, She surveyed Her boy with pride and opened it without Her eyes leaving his. “Kneel” She sang sweetly with honey in Her voice. He knelt there in the hallway eyes inspecting Her lovely feet.

“Cupcake” She said in a forced whisper, his eyes looked up, in desperation for a moment that was yet to arrive. She began to slowly enter moving backward, leading him across the threshold, making sure to store the memory for later.

“Now get on the bed, you need to expose your ass to me” She said as She unclipped the leash from his collar. He leapt onto the bed and dutifully exposed his ass to Her, his metal princess plug still in. It wasn’t long before She returned, now in Her leathers.

“Before you feel me on the inside, you’re going to feel me on the outside” She said and slapped his exposed ass once with her bare hand. He moaned in pleasure to feel Her skin touch his.

Today Mistress removed my panties, and that’s what made it special.

Plus the bow tie ?

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