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The soft yet unyielding rope held him firmly in place, vulnerable and exposed while still somewhat comfortable on the chair. Its long woven length intricately wrapped around his frame was reassuring in a way holding his physical being still while his mind roamed free. His vision was blocked by a silk mask securely covering his eyes, removing a very important sense from his arsenal while amplifying the remaining ones. He couldn’t help but smile as he thought silently that there was nowhere else he would rather be and the rope wasn’t necessary but this is how She wanted him. His smile disappeared suddenly as he wondered where She had gone. The unmistakable sound of the front door opening and then closing several minutes ago had left him vaguely confused although he never questioned Her actions as he was here for Her amusement. He momentarily tested his bonds again to confirm what he already knew. There was no weakness in them and he calmly settled back in to patiently await Her return.

She sat comfortably in the next room watching all of these emotions course through him and She had the ability to read him like an open book, not only knowing what he was thinking but what he really needed. What She needed. Truly what they both desired. Before they could begin She had needed to see him accept and trust Her, quieting out the distractions in his mind. Now, as he visibly relaxed, She was ready.

Silent as a stalking predator, which in many ways was the case, She glided effortlessly across the room. The metal nipple clamps in Her small hands were warm with Her touch and She clamped them both down on his little sensitive buds at the same time. He jumped in surprise at this action, completely off guard from his thoughts of being alone, yet he knew that with Her he was never truly alone. A gasp escaped his mouth as a tremble went down his body. Then a slight moan as the realization of what had happened registered from his tender nipples to his stimulated mind.

Something soft with many ends ran lightly, teasingly, across his neck moving strategically lower across his chest as it inched agonizingly slow down his abdomen making his breath catch, then quicken heavily laced with gentle moans. The rifle sharp crack of something else striking his exposed inner thighs instantly caught his attention. His breath exploded rushing inwardly with a gasp. The skin where the object had struck began to warm, a small area. He bit his lip as he moaned again, his mind putting together the puzzle and knowing it was from Her crop, a favorite that She was absolutely masterful with. The soft distracting teasing toy was still stroking his stomach mere inches above his throbbing manhood now. Her flogger! It finally struck him at almost the exact same time Her crop flicked it’s stinging tongue out again to kiss the exposed flesh of his other thigh. He moaned again, surrendering even further,  if that was possible, to Her artistic strokes and thought he heard Her chuckle ever so slightly. He was Hers in every way.

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