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In the abyss of silence – service with a severing sideglance

Your presence is air, your silence is deafening and suffocating. For service oriented kinksters, a never ending dialogue occurs in absentia. The desire to be needed and relied upon extends to time present, and time away. 

People who are service oriented thrive on seeing their efforts impacting others positively, are passionate about assignments and responsibilities, and thrive when acknowledged for their efforts. Failure to produce a positive outcome for others, the absence of recognition or any combination of the two equate to failure for most.

Do you know a service oriented kinkster? Are you a service oriented kinkster? To some degree i think we all have tendency that support doing for others, especially in the lifestyle, but for some this is the only true need they have. 

Sexual service. Really? No. I used to fight the concept that a service oriented submissive in their truest form does not crave sex. I like sex. I am service oriented. I want to be next level service oriented, not novice bush league service submissive. Castration? Someone suggested it to me around the time i was struggling with this concept and i thought, well maybe castration. Sexual service is not play, a scene, giving head or queening. It’s not orgasm denial or forced orgasms or any variation defined by sexual acts. Sexual service is when you are required to perform sexually. That is not your need, it is not your reward, it is not yours to covet. It is a fetish, which is healthy and enjoyable. End of side rant, beginning of defense of argument, and scene.

I’m still exploring and understanding this concept myself, i would welcome any feedback or comments. Oh right the sideglance, this is the result of service unrecognized. Rarely will service oriented kinksters share their disappointment, but you can sense it in their sarcastic retort, feel it in the steely sideglance they share as they exit, and freeze in the icy temperature that exists when they are no longer near. So hug one today because they are super moody people who need lots of hugs, especially the ones who say they don’t like hugs.

These panties remind me of an old table cloth covering aboard an old ship manned by servicemen.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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