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When You are always right

Someone very near and dear to me is always right, i won’t embarrass Mistress by saying who it is, but She will let you know between the two of us it is Her, She will let me know however in much more subtle ways.

It took little time for me to remove the word no from my discussions with Mistress, but She allows me to question, make suggestions and voice my opinion. She isn’t letting me toil in misdirection, giving me freedom to make mistakes (most of the time), She is understanding what my concerns are, where my focus was, and letting me reach the same conclusions.

Far from defiant or headstrong, i am a ball of nerves. What i question is the unknown, to understand what i am going to experience, how i should prepare, and why my current path needs adjustment. I can get into the right headspace understanding, but i don’t need to, i trust blindly enough that i would forge ahead willingly. Mistress has conditioned me to ask instead in these situations, for one incredible reason; through understanding and communication, collaboration and patience, something beautiful is created together. 

Also She gets to say again that She is always right, and i enjoy it as much as She does.

These panties have pink straps, connecting with red lace. Those colours clash, but in this tiny thong, they work together beautifully.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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