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Weekly Recap: Psychology


Would like to give a special shoutout to mark and danny, you two are rocking it! Keep up the great work! Both Danny and mark have stepped up in our Dommeslife chat room, added some new daily discussion topics as well. Stop by in Kik and say hi today for some good conversation. If your looking for some great reading along with sexy pictures check out our very own cupcakes daily panty blog, sure to make you smile. We would also like to wish Bryan back home from his trip to the Midwest to visit the Iconic Field of Dreams, welcome back Bryan! 

Our Lovely  Dommes have been working tirelessly to make sure the Divas Dungeon is the most Elite Femdom group there is. Thank You Dommes for everything that You do for U/us! 

Divas Dungeon is continuing to make big changes. We are adding more Dommes and more subs to the Dungeon. If interested email us here or drop by our Kik screening room #DivasDungeon.

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Compulsory task

What a thoughtful week here in the dungeon as we dug deep into the psychology behind BDSM. Some amazing articles sprung from our subs as well as tasks that made them think and pushed them out of their comfort zone. Always good to see subs out and about while plugged and edging! The body writing was amazing! The negative words really had an effect on everybody, our talented subs fought back and came through stronger than ever! Way to E/everybody! Enjoy your reward of riding your dildo trying to achieve that wonderful handsfree anal orgasm. 😉 

Domme fun

The Dommes have had some fun this week. For optional random task rewards, Mistress Michelle posted a fun game of “threeway”. Roll the virtual Kik dice and find out just what number will be your fate. Subs had a fun time spanking themselves and edging with genitals full of clothespins. Always nice to see subs with a bright red bottom, sore balls, and leaky cocks! Brings a smile to any Dommes face. Many more beautiful creations from our lovely subs posted below. Pictures, writing, “caption that”, stories, have fun looking around at what goes on in the Divas Dungeon!

  • With the added stipulation of using my vibe while tying off my wrist by Mistress Michelle.

Before I started here two weeks ago not that much, I had to get through the day and prepare for work the next day. Now in order to go to sleep feeling accomplished I have to work out daily, make sure my apartment is clean, that I wrote in my journal and accomplished some tasks. I’m not saying that before I joined everything was chaotic, it’s just that there is a greater sense of order since starting and standards are beginning to increase thanks to the Higher Powers of the Dungeon!


There are two things that bring me satisfaction at the end of each day, having either one makes me satisfied, having both makes me feel completely fulfilled. The first is being happy through maintaining my self-care needs, enjoying my protocols, completing my work, appreciating my chores. The second is ensuring I have satisfied the needs of others, that I feel my efforts have been received and were valued, and the acknowledgment from Mistress that it is so.


For me to be satisfied at the end of each day I want to have done something memorable every day. I’ve had a couple of close calls with my life before so I know how short life is and previous little time I have to make memories and make a difference. So once a day at least I try to do something either outside of my comfort zone or reach out and make new people. I want every day of my life to have meaning and an impact and to not waste my time. So as long as I make a memory or make an impact on someone I am satisfied


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