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How can you be so crotchless?

Every morning there’s always one female who checks my bulge. It’s the same female, we are colleagues, known each other for more than ten years and i noticed as my pants have gotten tighter, her glances have become more blatant.

I am a keen observer of human nature, i am fascinated by voyeurism and how some take to it so naturally while i fight it. Yoga pants are my achilles heel, my weakness, if i see a pair i just want to peek so badly, but i do not. Unless Mistress tells me to.

What i do, especially when i am in a crowd is look at others, try to determine where their eyes are going. I can tell you i am joined by at least 65% of the male population and about 50% of the female population in my appreciation for yoga pants and the way they enhance the human form. 

The fabulous fanny garners much attention while the contentious crotch goes unseen by most. At times i feel self conscious about my bulge but more often i am aware of my panty lines and my bulbous top shelf pulling up the rear. 

On those days when my panties offer little support, i wonder as i meekly walk hunched and lock kneed, who else is checking out my crotch and why doesn’t it happen more?

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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