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Pearls of frustration

I was asked by Mistress, were these pearls of wisdom or pearls of frustration. They were definitely pearls of frustration – the inability to change something, an ongoing struggle. Struggle is something to be embraced as you push your boundaries and test your limits, change is to be expected after you have confronted your anxieties head on. When effort does not lead to progress, it can have a crippling effect.

Some will see this as validation of a barrier they cannot cross, approached the line, stepped over it only to have their fears realized. Rules are meant to be broken – i don’t mean it in reckless sense that all limits should be ignored – rules are in place to protect us from things we ourselves are powerless to control, and in this case it is fear.

Trust is required in order to overcome fear, natural impulses which tell us to stop or run in the opposite direction. We listen to another voice when we implicitly plow headstrong through barricades in our way to overcoming limits. Whether the voice is our own or that of a Dominant, mentor, or friend, we gain courage through assurances and security. 

If you were unable to achieve your goal, it is usually because of an inability to feel secure and confident and you owe it to yourself to find out why. So ask those questions. Ask yourself, what am i afraid of. As others if they are or are not afraid of the same thing. You can only learn different perspectives by hearing them and experiencing them. Find out what you could do differently, ask how you could improve, and listen closely because what you are looking for is a voice you can trust, one you can follow blindly, one who will encourage you to try again.

These panties were paired with a metal glans ring, there was so much metal, denim, spandex and plastic rubbing against my bits, i was raw at the end of the day. Powerless to change the outcome frustrated with every step i took, satiated by the struggle.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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