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One banana or two?

Can you really have too many bananas? Bananas come in bunches, and i have never gone to the grocery store and bought only one banana or seen one lonely banana sitting there. Yet when we want a snack, or want to add a banana to a meal, rarely do we eat more than one, some can’t even handle a whole banana.

Here i was in my kitchen making oatmeal chocolate chip pancakes and i thought, it needs a banana. So i took my banana and slid it into the mixture, truthfully they were the tastiest pancakes i have ever eaten, but i found myself wanting another banana. 

Later in the day, i was again in my kitchen, running my hands along the smooth countertop wanting something to hit my palate that would satisfy me as much as it will fill me. It was to be a smoothie, in went the berries, some mangos, it was getting juicy and fragrant, and i took my banana and slid it in. I liked the way it looked, especially as i pushed it deeper into the dripping mangoes feeling my berries tightening at the base of the bowl and i did something i never do, i reached for another banana. 

One banana is a snack, but two bananas are a meal. It was so thick after i mixed it all together, adding some milk and frothing it up until my glass was full and as i tasted the explosion of two bananas in my mouth i realized, how much i like making smoothies, and how much i have been missing with only one banana to eat.

That’s what makes wearing no panties special 😉

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