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Glitter Mania

Pro wrestling was all the rage when i was growing up. Funny thing was as kids we all knew it was fake but when we pretended to be wrestlers, it was very real. Who wants to lose anyway right?

I didn’t like taking about it, or engaging in discussions about it with friends because i didn’t understand the reaction to something that seemed so fake, taking it seriously, and them getting upset about it.

Looking back i can see what the allure was to the wrestlers themselves, the role play, the adrenaline, and a very genuine connection with an audience. The storylines i still an not interested in but the characters themselves very much so. 

Hulk mania was the best, a pro wrestler Hulk Hogan who was the good guy, but bragged about being the best, and ripped his clothes off to reveal his Adonis like figure. Yes please. Sign me up for pro wrestling.

My character would be Glitter Glam, with a very shiny purple singlet. I would leave glitter on all my opponents.

That’s as far as i got in my character development but i enjoyed wearing this bodysuit all day. Mistress allowed me to untie the bow and stuff the ribbons into my pants so my stomach wouldn’t bulge all day… just my crotch and my balls were tickled purple. Felt like i was wearing a purple singlet all day.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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