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Hemp Jute Rope
It ties me up Feels so good Tight around me Intoxicating smell Makes me go

Tie me all up Bind my limbs Make me helpless Make me Yours With that hemp jute rope


Mostly untreated jute. Have tried with some cotton rope but it wasn’t very good. My knots need a lot of work. For CBT ties I use paracord. Think I’ll pick up some nylon like Lady A said and give it a shot.


I love working with extremely long ropes when self tying, doesn’t matter what type it is or thickness, the process of separating, keeping strands separate and symmetrical i find entrancing. From a look and feel, my favorite rope is a bright pink cotton braid i bought years ago at Home Depot. The braid is tight and the line is very thin so it holds well and it cuts a bit on the skin.


My first ever experience was when I met a Mistress online. The first day only a few messages were exchanged. Then the next day I was to be interviewed via Skype. After that I eventually met her at her apartment where I was interviewed some more and told about the rules. It was an exciting experience but eventually too stressful which is why I enjoy the online comfort and community of Diva’s Dungeon


First ever experience was with a pro-dominatrix last year in July. After years of deciding whether to take the plunge and having little success with vanilla partners, I researched on a few pro-dominatrices in my area. Having found one close to my area and within budget, I made an appointment having discussed my limits. My criteria for selecting such a Domme were the following: 1) They needed to have a sufficient amount of experience in order to ensure health and safety (thus age/years practicing and testimonials were important factors) 2) Distance and 3) Price.

In my first phone call with her to confirm the appointment I was corrected on the way that I spoke, such as the use of “Yup” (too casual) and her dislike for apologies (she would say that a submissive should never say sorry, only act to rectify their mistake or be punished for it if it couldn’t be rectified).

I was 10 minutes early to my appointment for which she punished me by placing me in the Inspection pose until my appointment was meant to start. At the time I did not know what to think. I felt that I had made the wrong impression despite my research telling me to ensure I made it on time. From this I learnt that I was expected to come to my appointment on the dot, not 1 second before and not 1 minute after. In my email, I stated that I enjoyed CP primarily because she was a CP specialist and particularly enjoyed it. In reality I had never tried it before and had some reservations. Consequently, it was such a shock when the cane was delivered. Whilst I did not enjoy it at the time due to the tension and fear in my muscles, I have grown to have a love hate relationship with it due to the after effects it had on me, but also because I felt that I was doing it for her pleasure. At the time, we also tried out rope bondage which was an interest of mine, nevertheless during that time I have felt that although it looks beautiful, I felt bad for putting her to work so much to tie me up, thus could not understand why she would enjoy such a session which required so much hard work on her part.

What I enjoyed particularly about my visits to the pro-dominatrix were that she was always kind (when outside of character) and provided appropriate aftercare. Further, I enjoyed the lack of focus on the penis, which allowed myself to focus on the psychological aspects of BDSM, rather than the sexual gratification/arousal which may be received from it. Consequently I treated these sessions as therapy sessions and visited her multiple times which had developed me into becoming a better submissive.


I really don’t remember my first experience. Experimented online and talked to a few people, there were a few random tasks thrown in but I can’t recall them. My first IRL experience was at the Sanctuary Dungeon, we had met once and decided to play, knowing I was still very new. She had me kneel before Her, we talked about activities and safewords, I was restrained on a padded saw horse bent over, spanking, light flogging, ice play, blindfold, Nipple clamps. Wasn’t a “dark” party so there could be no penetration. Just an introduction to play.


I was kinky at a young age so it is difficult to define my first experience. My first kink was exhibitionism and i used to try to do naughty little things hoping to get caught. Mostly these were not shared experiences, my first shared experience was buying panties with someone at a mall who made a big deal about asking the store clerks for help. It was a lot of fun, i had known her for a few months so felt safe doing it, and it was a lot of fun. It’s really hard to say what my first experience was, but this was the first one that really meant something to me. I am still friends with her.


It’s really however the Dominant wants me is how I want to be. I’ve always been fond of OTK spankings. Spanking machines have piqued my curiosity over the years to.


My favorite spanking fantasy would be to lay across the lap or a Domme and being told what I could do better. I think it would be sexy in a few regards. The first being that the pain and being in such a vulnerable position. The second being told what I could to improve as a sub, that way there would be no guessing. Or the Domme talking through the spanking about whatever is on Her mind. Pull my pants down and lay me across Your lap 😊


I go commando very rarely, and never during the day. If I were to go commando in the last year, it would have been at night to go to bed as I had recently read an article about how sleeping naked may improve sleep quality. More recently in the past month I have slept commando three times, ensuring that my hands are on the other side of my sheets at all times to prevent temptation.

Why do I not go commando during the day? As I like to compartmentalise the naughtier side of me from my normal life. As someone who works within a professional environment, I avoid thinking sexual/kink thoughts in a clinical environment as patients are at their most vulnerable when they’re with you, thus require my full attention both for their care and for my learning. Consequentially I feel that going commando into work would be inappropriate.

When going out for social events, again I prefer to focus on the people around me at the time rather than think about kink. Further, in contrast to Mike (and with all due respect), going commando would be less practical for me, as I prefer to keep the sweat and other fluids within the confines on my underwear, so that I can rewear my trousers the next day.


By personal choice is a tricky question as my under garments are selected carefully for me through a process set up as a daily protocol. One could argue i intentionally on days caused a decision to be made that resulted in the removal of my panties, as often as it was deferred through various unrelated circumstances. The total number of days is probably around 15, most of those were during a period where i was in a fortress of solitude near the north pole.


I sometimes go commando It makes the balls hang low It’s not like wearing panties That sometimes make me antsy On the weekends no underwear Unless I go somewhere One or the other Either is not a bother Unless I accidentally zip My tip


I never experienced frenzy because the rational thinking part of brain has been well-trained to prevent any kind of frenzies from BDSM. I’ve felt heavy drops where the heart hurts for a few days. I suggest remembering your center, remembering your values, remember what’s true to your heart and mind to get back to equilibrium if experiencing a drop or frenzy. Then once back to equilibrium submit all over again 😄


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