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Consistent pressure is the key to a perfect vanilla latte

Reaching your desired kinky headspace can take on many forms, if it involves a scene, or protocols, or a certain physicality, it always requires a certain level of consistency. 

In your vanilla life, you need the same type of consistency to reach your desired headspace. Typically we refer to it as self care from a routine perspective, how we balance our daily lives and maintain a level of attention we are looking for.

At times we find ourselves taking on responsibility in order to reach a different frame of mind, completing chores, or looking after loved ones, sometimes things pile up and we decide to temporarily increase the level to which we approach completing and looking after those elements in our lives.

I liken it to making a good espresso, or in this case, the perfect vanilla latte. It starts by breaking down all those many beans we need in our coffee to tiny parts, then packing them in. We compartmentalize them and seal off the space around it, to apply consistent pressure to pull just the right amount of flavour, color, and taste. In the end, we are rewarded with something bold, energetic and exciting.

Mistress called it the vanilla version of sub/Domme space, a sustained period focussed on ensuring all aspects of vanilla life have progressed and improved. It is invigorating and can be almost tantric when at the end of the day, everything was accomplished. 

What i like about wearing skimpy g-strings with elastic strings is the way they apply even pressure to the three corners of the pouch in order to pull just the right amount of flavor, color and taste.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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