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Exposing the holes in searching for new goals

There’s an excitement and energy that comes from trying something new, whether it’s a new person who excites you, a new fetish you want to explore, a limit you want to push, our goals help keep us moving forward.

A balanced approach has to be maintained while establishing goals, ensuring that you don’t set yourself up for failure by chasing a limit that may pose risks too great, and also maintaining the value is the skills and practices you already added to your arsenal.

In establishing a goal, do research and ask questions, if you have a partner, ask them if it is something that interests them and if it is not, then see if there is a way you can identify something that is a shared goal. Come up with a list of concerns and see if the risk is too great, if you need additional support and if when you are ready make sure you plan for self-care.

Seeing the value in your past is even more important as you may not always have time to explore new horizons or your goals may require a longer period of time to complete. Having a routine that reviews your goals is a worthwhile exercise, and setting aside time to practice your skills is a good form of self-care, appreciating the talents and tools you have developed over time.

These panties expose the hole in the center of my ass.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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