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When you comment – what i actually want to hear

How does it make you feel? That’s what i want to know.

When i see something that excites me, i want to explore deeper, understand why i have the feeling, discover the size and depth of the excitement. The most exciting is something new that i have never experienced before, and grows in spades if it is something i am also nervous about or fear.

When you describe what you see when you look at me, when you tell me what you want to do to me, when you label me and assign a name to me, it’s not exciting for me.

Why did you want to do that to me? How would you feel after?

What does the label you gave me mean to you? What does that type of person do for you?

What’s special about calling me a name? Does it mean anything to you?

I have learned so much through sharing my feelings, and i have fallen flat on my face from ignoring them. If you want to make an impact on me, if you want me to feel the impact of your words, tell me – how does it make you feel?

When i wear a bodysuit like this, i feel warm, i feel the embrace of the woman, my Mistress, who chose it for me. I feel vulnerable, wearing women’s lingerie, the bow sticking out of my collar at times, fearful of judgment. I feel exposed, and sexual, knowing that both men and women will see me, that for some it will bring excitement to them – is it you? Do you feel the way i feel when i wear this bodysuit?

That’s what makes this so special 😉


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