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Blueberry grapes, how do you know when they are ripe?

Waking up with an erection is common, but on occasion you work harder in your dreams than in your jeans. On these days you may wake up with achy balls, very likely you will also notice those globes glow a fabulous purplish/blueish hue.

From a Dominant, ‘blue balls’ are a gift, a sign of care and attention to the sexual needs of the submissive represented in a beautiful display of color within the male genitalia. When the male submissive is engaged sexually and engorged physically, the balls swell and pull tightly into the body and take on the trademark blue or purple tint. The depth of color will depend on the length of time stimulated and the frequency with which it is applied, and will appear blue or purple or even black. Here’s a description that accurately describes the perfect set of ‘blue balls’.

“Blueberry grapes are small to medium in size and round to oval in shape. The smooth skin ranges in color from deep purple, navy blue, to almost black… Blueberry grapes boast a bright, slightly tart, mild blueberry flavor and are very juicy. The combination of the thicker skin and crisp, juicy flesh, creates a burst of flavor when bitten.” –…

When Mistress chose my purple panties last night, i did not know how perfectly my body would prepare for the pleasure of wearing such a sensual and vibrant garment for Her pleasure. It was a wonderful feeling.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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