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A visit to the Playgirl Mansion

The envelope was hand delivered under my door at night, plain white oversized and matte with only the trademark bunny symbol in purple on one side.

I opened it to reveal a one sided cardstock invitation also starkly white in matte finish with text in the the same colour purple that read: “Happy birthday cupcake, we would be delighted if you would join us on your special day for a special photo shoot. Birthday attire will be provided.”

Below was the details of the address. What an honor to be hosted at the Playgirl Mansion i thought, as i eagerly showered, carefully applying lotion and grooming my body to make myself presentable for the respectable Ladies who ran the association.

Everything about the mansion as i pulled up to it was pristine, from the immaculate greenery to the stark contrasting white covered surfaces that made up the structural complex. A sign just inside the grounds directed ‘males’ to turn to the right, away from the large covered entrance where cards of every make a model glinted in the bright morning sunlight. The white crushed stone beneath my car crackled as i followed the path with my car that led me to an area lined with small white golf carts that partitioned a large opening where i left my car just to the side of the main building. A path led to a large glass door, and as i approached i could see into a long corridor that seemed to run the width of the building to the main entrance. There was a sign to the right of the door that read: ‘males, please ring the bell and wait for instructions’.

I rang the bell just below the sign and a voice greeted me instantaneously: ‘Good morning cupcake’ said an exotic female voice through an intercom, ‘please remove your shoes and enter the hallway, then proceed to the stable, your stall with be number one, happy birthday cupcake.’ The large glass door slowly opened, i removed my shoes and socks carrying them as i entered the cool hallway, taking note of the rich lavender and mango scent that greeted me. To the right a list of rooms was written in purple block letters on the whitewash concrete wall; Grand Foyer, Ballroom, Patio, Dressage, The Stable, Restrooms’.

I proceeded down the long hallway, taking note of the first room as i came close to it, large white barn doors inset in the large wide frame with very tall steel handles and a very bright crack of light between that seemed like daylight peering through. The hallway seemed to go forever as i timidly pressed the pads of my feet against the cold marble floor, listening to the faint sounds of chatter and clinking of glasses, plates and silverware in the distance. The hallway was opening up into what looked to be the main entrance, then i saw to my right a rather plain looking door with the words The Stable on it. I pressed my free hand and the door felt heavy to the touch, slowly opening to reveal what appeared to by a locker room or dressing room.

Turning left i could see what looked like white stalls with half height doors on hinges, the letters spelled the number One on the first door. I approached the door and turned to my right unsure an unprepared to see what lay behind it. There were small doors on the back wall they led to washrooms. Reaching the end of the hallway i could see a large opening and white tiles that shimmered, moving closer i could see the far wall hosted three shower heads and to the left of it the wall itself was made of glass, the third wall hosted 3 more shower heads, then something caught my eye, the glass wall opened to a foyer that had potted trees and lounge chairs, a few women were passing by. I took note of the lack of sound as they walked in their thin heels, yet stood motionless in the doorway watching as they passed. One of the women stopped with a look of shock and mouthed something to the other women who all turned. I abruptly stepped back, flush in the face and embarrassed by my obvious breach of protocol, i briskly walked back to the first stall, took a deep breath and pushed the door open.

On the left was a tall rack with hangers with white robes on them, to the right was a plain table with a large door that had a locking combination on it and the wall directly in front of me was again a wall of glass. I could see to the left a large circular opening that was the entranceway. The three ladies were again approaching and looking concerned. The woman who alerted the other two previously motioned with her eyes to look to my right. There on the table was a piece of paper with printed text on it and a pen, i picked up the paper and read it out loud.

“Welcome to the Playgirl Mansion,

Remove your clothing immediately after reading this letter.

All males are required to present themselves fully clothed, your attire is on the first hangar on the opposite wall and has been carefully selected for you by “Your Mistress”.

You must remove your clothes, then shower before getting dressed. When you are finished, please remember to leave your towel in the shower room.

Now remove your clothing, place them inside the cabinet next to the desk and press the lock button on the door. When you return get dressed and then proceed to the Grand Foyer.

Below it was a statement to sign my name and date to indicate that i willingly submit my belongings to the Mistress’s of Playgirl Mansion who will return them via numbered passcode to my cabinet door after completing a final inspection.

I gulped as i looked up and saw the three women were still glaring at me. Fumbling i put the paper on the table and signed it. Then i quickly removed my pants and looked up to see the women has turned and were walked back in the opposite direction away from me. Shadows passed outside the room in the hallway adjacent as i undressed. Each time i looked i did not see anyone there, but i felt i was on display, my spine tingled as i kept looking up and seeing nobody, my hair stood on end and goosebumps covered my naked body as i searched the hallway. Quickly i put everything into the cabinet, closed the door and locked it.

My heart raced and a sense of panic shot through me as i realized i had no way to recover my belongings, i shivered and then felt on my foot a spot of pre-cum that had leaked out. Out of the corner of my eye i thought i saw movement yet again i looked to see nobody outside. Embarrassed i wiped the pre-cum from my foot with my finger and licked it off, a lustful string oozed down my thigh connected at the tip of my thickened cock as i made my way out the stall toward the shower.

Entering the room i peered out at what seemed like a dozen women in different dress, from tennis outfits to pressed skits and blouses, i felt me entire body tense as i floated to the closest shower tap and turned it on. Slowly one at a time each of the women approached the glass, i realized then that i had chosen the shower head furthest from view. They felt so close, i suddenly felt so vulnerable, closing my eyes i walked into the stream of water, running my fingers through my hair then turning and wiping the cascading water from my eyes. Smiles greeted me from the glass, and a few nods of approval, looking down i understood the praise as my throbbing cock gave away my arousal.

I shampooed my hair, unable to stop the smile from escaping my lips, under their watchful eye, i felt myself flexing my muscles, on display, massaging my neck and shoulders, gathering more soap for lather i worked over my chest and down my abdomen. Then i looked at the glass and my jaw dropped as i saw one of the women motioning with her hand in a stroking motion and my entire body twitched at the suggestion. She stopped however, and laughed, then i noticed every other look was stern and a few shaking heads. I washed my thighs and brushed over my sensitive genitals, turning and washing my backside and then quickly completing my shower. When i turned back to the glass the women had all turned and began to walk away.

I found a towel on a rack and dried myself, then placed it in a hamper next to the rack where i took it from. A few women remained outside the glass chatting, i went back to my stall where i was greeted by what seemed to be three times the audience. Frozen feet from the door, i peered at the rack and reached for the robe on the first hanger closest to me. There seemed to be confusion behind the glass and i saw the same woman who mocked stroking pointing to the rack with her finger. I didn’t understand and remained frozen just in front of the rack. She motioned with her her finger in a curling motion to approach the glass, which i did timidly. Giggling she laughed then pointed again at the rack and i noticed there was something different hanging from the first hanger, what looked like white string. I went back to the original spot and placed the robe back on the hangar, then went back to the front and took the first hanger to see what was attached. A thin white stretchy string sewn in loops attached to a metal ring.

I placed the string around my body understanding now this was my attire. The ring sat at my grown, i attempted to use it as a cock ring and slip my balls through, but in my aroused state i could not. I shrugged my shoulders and looked for guidance so much smiling and what appeared to be laughter. A few looked at their wrists and i understand i needed to hurry, so i slipped the ring over my hard cock and looked up to muted and mocked applause.

Exiting the room i looked for signs to the Grand Foyer and realized after stepping forward a few steps, i was in it. A large dome overhead with intricate wood carving and skylights illuminating the room. My body warmed as i walked to the center of the room, women stood on either side and as i neared the center of the open space they began to sing happy birthday to me.

When it ended bubbly woman who has been communicating with me approached as seemed for the first time to be embarrassed. In her exotic and quieter tone she explained, “we hope you enjoyed visiting us on your birthday, you may wear your panties home, we will let your Mistress know how you behaved and recommend future dates for you to model for us with Her permission.”

Then they all clapped and promptly went in separate directions as i took my cue to leave. I could not stop smiling as i found a card on the table with the code unlock the cabinet, beneath the numbers 4-0 read a little note “well done cupcake, happy birthday”.

That’s what makes white straps as panties so special 😉

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