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Absolutism and a fear of being tied down

Very few things in life are black and white, but as rule followers or rule breakers, we regularly define our actions by the reason for or against competing priorities. A fear of being seen as a someone without ideals or values causes us to choose a position, and rarely change course after.

Charting out new paths, and indeed seeking to form new relationships, we are at odds with completing positions, and either compromise and  negotiate, or decide it is too great a change of direction. Many incredible journeys end before they can move past the starting line because we fear the repercussions of not meeting the new demands, or we are unwilling to move the finish line.

Being flexible and open should be obvious for anyone within the kink community, from an inclusivity and acceptability perspective, we accomplish it easily, but allowing ourselves to be flexible and open can be a major barrier.

There’s a simple test you can do to weigh making any decision of magnitude in exploring new relationships and new kinks and fetishes, change the question in your your from “what if I do…”  to “what if I don’t…” The impetus behind asking what if you do something assumes that it is something you need to convince yourself to do. Asking what if you don’t do something implies you are willing to try, and you are aware it is a risk. Willing to try, being open to change, that’s the key.

Remember when you are considering a new relationship, a new fetish, setting a new goal that you can always go back. There’s no absolutes in kink, just as there is no limit to where your journey can take you.

Strapping leather to me for the day i thought it would restrict my movement, i thought the buckles would rip my pants open, all of that was incredible erotic but scary. Neither of those things happened, and at the end of the day, i wished i never had to take it off.  

That’s what makes this harness special 😉

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