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Whack a moles and glorious holes

Trying new things can be… trying. I love surprises, i am also the type of person who learns from hands on experiences and trial and error. In seeking out new experiences, i tend to look for things that are attainable, but even experiences that are easily within reach and be difficult and have obstacles.

I learned to set realistic goals and take calculated risks, understanding the importance of safety and research. Where i have struggled in the past is getting stuck on research, and creating grandiose expectations that amounted to fantasies that could never be fulfilled. My successes have come from a base level of trust, and giving into my desire to jump head first, sometimes with eyes closed – sometimes with eyes forced wide open.

The best approach to having new experiences if you are struggling is to simply pop your head in, then take a step back and see how you felt about it, then again watching for the risks you know are present, and testing the waters a little bit.

The best analogy i can provide is stick it in a hole, you might get whacked. If you stick it in enough holes, eventually you will find a happy ending.

These panties have a wonderful hole, and wearing them can be a calculated risk. One that may require planning, depending on what i wear over them, if i am allowed to wear something over them and who i am near. Just requires keeping my eyes wide open, even if i am afraid to.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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