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Active vs Passive Submission

Active submission means that a sub is actively engaged with their Dominant. This can be done though negotiation, scene planning, doing extra things above the expectations to make their Dominant happy. They understand that a dynamic is a journey and not the destination, seeking to grow with their Dominant and be part of the ongoing conversation.

Passive submission to me is simply submitting for the sake of submission. They say yes because that is what they are supposed to do, not because they want too or understand why it’s important to. They don’t ask why, or engage in the negotiation. Instead, they will allow their Dominant to set the rules, protocols, and expectations without giving input.

The type of dynamic has little to do with it, and a dynamic is a lot more than just what happens within a scene or during protocols. You can participate in active submission whether you are a brat, little, masochist, high protocol, low protocol, service sub, ext…

This does not work the same exact way for slaves, only submissives. A slave is a much different role and thus creates a much different dynamic.

Communication in BDSM

Communication is not only a key factor for life,happiness and balance but in BDSM as well.

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