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Looking through the finer details

It’s common for submissives to become passive when it comes to understanding what is behind many of the finer details of BDSM. In part this is due to a desire to be given permission to experience it fetishes, or seek only details that are of interest to a Dominant.

Research however, is important in BDSM so that safety concerns are properly addressed, and that responsibility is one that is shared equally between Dominant and submissive.

Consider for example, a scene ends and the Dominant requests the submissive to continue an aftercare routine after they are separated. If the submissive does not understand why aftercare is important, they may realize the emotional triggers that indicate it is still required, or may not understand how long aftercare or the effects of a scene can last for.

Doing the right research and understanding the finer details of what is required from communication, preparation, presentation and self care means a submissive is engaged actively in the development of themselves and the relationship with the Dominant. As well, the submissive is helping the Dominant by having the right skills required for each situation in advance.

These panties allow full visible access to all parts of my body, in great detail.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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