Creative Writing

Image Prompt 49 – Sweet Boy

For weeks he had begged Mistress for a kiss. “Such a sweet boy” She said each time and nothing more. Doting over Her he had become wrought with an obsessive desire to be kissed, and Her comment brought from him sweet gestures, one after another, a flower, a song, a picture, a poem, countless serene and stoic poses and each time the same response, “such a sweet boy”.

She has every intention of kissing him and longed to do so, but She wanted it to break them both, cause the world to split in two at the power behind it’s need. There he kneeled, as She passed She heard his breath trembling, and Her own heart stopped and She knew it was now and that through his desire Her need to be kissed matched his.

She passed him and removed Her robe letting it fall to the floor. She went to Her drawer and took out Her double ended dildo, all the while he kneeled and trembled. Her own breath shaking She approached and without a word inserted one end into his mouth, the other end into her wet mound and slowly began riding it, sinking one end deeper in his throat and the end deeper into Her hole.

“When your lips touch my pussy, then you may kiss me, my boy” She whispered over Her own repressed moans. Hearing only their breaths, now She listened as he gagged and strained trying to reach Her wetness. Both with eyes closed and bodies fully strained She came as his lips finally touched Hers.

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