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Image Prompt 52 – Moan for Me

With his eyes blindfolded and the room so silent every noise echoed and popped in his ears. The crackle of wick from the flames, the scent of the candles, the scent of Her, the sound of the paddle and the sting that reverberated up and down his legs, his balls and his spine filled him with electricity.

For the first time She spoke in his ear, he was prepared for Her words because he could feel Her hot breath. “Your body looks so beautiful in this light my love” She said so him, cooing and licking his earlobe. “You’ve been such a good boy, but you haven’t made a sound. Why haven’t you made a sound my boy?” She asked him.

He paused a moment and whispered “i only meant to listen Mistress”. She sighed deeply and ran her finger nails down his back, he breathed heavily as he had been. She dug deeper with her nails starting again from the same spot, his breath stopped for a moment then a large gasp.

“Well I know how to make you moan boy, and I love to listen too – while you moan for me”. She took the tip of her lubed up strap on and touched it to his hole. He gasped again. “I don’t hear you boy” She said. He moaned a little. “Beg me for my cock boy” She said. “Please Mistress” he said. She moved the tip of the dildo up and down on his crack as he moaned a little louder. “Please what?” She asked him.

“Please Mistress take me” he said desperately. She kept massaging the outside of his hole and asked him again, “What is it you wish for me to take my boy” She said. “Beg me and i might, but you need to be specific. Tell me what it is you want me to do with my big cock boy, say it”.

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