Creative Writing

Image Prompt – Her Dildo

“You can play with this dildo when I say you can play with this dildo”. She was livid, working all day and came home to find Her slut hiding in the closet with Her long king kong dong half heartedly in his slut hole.

“You were just trying to practice? Don’t worry, you will be taking all of it soon.” His feeble excuse for playing with his slut hole did not impress Her and he needed to understand the value behind his mistake. She wanted to show him that now toy, he had taken away Her joy.

“You got a lot of balls playing with my toys”, She said still holding him by his balls. Pulling harder on his now tender balls, She held him close to Her big strapon so he would know what was coming next. “You’re going to suck my big cock so you can appreciate it’s full size. If you pull back, you will feel my cane. I’m not saying where. Do you understand me?”

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