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What appreciating Women means to me

?Topic: Take a moment to reflect on what it means to appreciate Women, and share with the Dungeon what kinds of things you do in your day to day life that are in appreciation to Women. Also, see if you can come up with at least one more way you can further appreciate the amazing Women of the world!

In my opinion, the root of appreciating Women is to be respectful. I think its a common misconception that subs make to think they need to glorify every Woman they see, or offer their submission to every Woman who seems Dominant. You dont have to put a Woman on a pedestal to respect her, and by simply respecting her, you are showing your appreciation to her as a unique individual with a personality and ambitions rather than a piece of meat to be quantified by how they look.

Coming from a place of respect, i think i often show my appreciation in the little things i do for Women. I would hold a door for just about anybody behind me, but i must admit that i would hold the door for a little longer if i knew it was Woman. The same goes for picking something up for them, allowing a turn out of a parking lot or moving out of the way in a busy hall walkway.

Another way i try to show my appreciation for Women is through compliments. This has always been something i want to be able to do more because i love making someone feel good about something they put effort into, but the problem is that i feel like today’s society treats a simple compliment as being flirtatious. One of the things i like to compliment is make-up. Applying it is truly an art form, and an expensive one at that! There are good and bad ways of offering a compliment to Women, and often the good ways are accompanied with a smile and nothing expected in return.

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