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Floggers are amazing impact toys. They can provide a variety of different feelings. As well as made from a variety of different materials. You can also easily improvise with various materials.

Floggers can be thuddy, stingy, soft, rough, and even tickling. It all depending on length, weight of material, weight of falls, and number of falls. And how the ends of the falls are finished.

In my experience longer falls that aren’t weighted tend to produce a stinging sensation against the skin, and if you where to put weights on them to add weight it makes it much thudder on a focused area. Where as a mop flogger which is around half the length but many more produce a thuddier sensation along a large swathe of skin.

Floggers can be made out of a wide variety of materials. Most production floggers are leather, and paracord ones are becoming more and more popular. Suede and softer leather will produce a thuddier impact as well. And oiled and harder leathers will be stingy.

Personally my favorite floggers are paracord, but I may be bias because I can make them. And you can fray the ends and produce a different sensation with them than leather. I add weight to my falls to produce a thudder impact.

Rule of thumb is that the more falls the thuddier it is. And the the thinner the falls the stingier it is. Also floggers should be balanced. A balanced flogger is easier on the wrist of the person they are working with. The construction of it is pommel, hilt, and falls. You can get loaded floggers that have lead weights in the hilts. This can make the pommel soft so that they can be used for a variety of other things.

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