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Why you should open up

Allowing others to know what you are thinking is a treasured experience, one you can share, gift, enjoy as often as you like, but there’s a catch – opening up means admitting to something you didn’t intend for others to know – it’s not simply about saying what’s on your mind. When you open up to others, what you are really doing is answering the question of why.

Sometimes you may share a thought you had that surprised you, and what you get back in return is often a viewpoint that allows you to evaluate and sometimes deepen your understanding of feelings and emotions.

People often refer to it as ‘getting something off my chest’, because what they were thinking was something they were afraid to share with others and felt apprehension – short of breath – is speaking it out loud. Usually seeking acceptance when this occurs, the response is usually one of understanding and respect for the trust is sharing a fear or struggle.

Most alluring for me is admitting something to others that perhaps you wanted to express, but didn’t have the courage to do so. A freudian slip, a misplaced item, something that subconsciously someone else notices because deep down you wanted them to. In essence courage is being borrowed, or being shared in order to seek acknowledgement or praise.

In any form, opening up requires courage and trust, in almost all instances it is met with relief, and rejuvenation. These panties open up in a most revealing way, at show very visible lines when hidden beneath other articles of clothing.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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