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Congratulations, it’s a brat!

With bright eyes and the purest intentions, they come into our lives full of energy, and ready to affix themselves to, and insert their imprint on what was and is to become the new status quo.

Taking bigger and bolder steps as they grow, they start to test the boundaries, get a little bolder, and maybe a little louder, things are about to get a little messy.

Then the moment comes and you knew it would, it’s not as cute, you try to let it slide to curb the behaviour and then finally, they cross the line. It’s time to punish your brat.

You fancy yourself a tamer, but torture seems too tolerable or too terrible and you gave to the middle ground. Time for a timeout.

How you got here is how you will get out, by enjoying the antics only now you have the chance to teach a lesson and return that havoc that’s ensued. It’s time for some funishment, it’s time for you to embrace and enjoy the moment.

If you suddenly crave silence, a panty gag can do wonders. Don’t just spank them, have them sing a song for you and best them to the rhythm. Take the time to do something for yourself by having your brat use their greatest skill, making a scene, and make it huge, long, exhausting.

As expansive as the effort that got them here, let them repay you with their service in a way that you can appreciate.

These panties make my cock feel like it’s being rolled into a wrapper, then sliced, and the baby blue reminded me of a newborn blanket so…

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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