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What tickles your fancy

Putting into practice the type of Dominant or submissive you wish to become isn’t entirely of your own design.

It’s important to recognize where the archetype you designed came from, often the ideas from unrealistic sources like porn, or Tumblr show scenes that are staged or choreographed. When put into practice the reality becomes unfulfilling.

When you see something that excites you from a peer or even social media, if you want to incorporate a new ritual or protocol, try asking the person first what it means to them, it may surprise you.

As long as your rituals and protocols provide you something that you need, they are coming from the right place. If your routine has become stale or if you are not attracting the type of positive attention or constructive interactions you desire, look for a change.

Whatever tickles your fancy is fine to try on, but you might find over time the things that don’t quite satisfy your needs were the wrong fit to begin with.

These panties are loose fitting and barely stay on, they are lighter than a feather and tearing in the center. They never quite fit, and they tickle me in the wrong places.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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