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Thick skin

One of the amazing aspects of being among the kink community at large is the acceptance and inclusivity of all variations of diversity. It does not mean we are free from judgement or prejudice however, and we should remember that it requires discipline and dedication to remain in a positive headspace and routine.

So many belief systems and identities revolve around the application of BDSM, putting one’s practices into question can often feel like a personal attack or slander. It’s like politics in many ways, some subjects you shouldn’t discuss among friends unless you wish to be provocative or confrontational.

It’s unavoidable that at some point someone’s opinion of BDSM will challenge your values. Take a moment to reflect, not everyone sees it as a lifestyle, not everyone sees it as an identity, and not everyone is interested in a debate.

Try to have thick skin, when you feel your values are being challenged, explain simply that, nothing else needs to be said. Very seldom is it meant to be a personal attack, and very few personal attacks are worth the effort of response.

Be proud of your beliefs, and try to encourage others to feel as strongly about their own.

These panties are thick and cling to the flesh warming and kneading in a sensual way.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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