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What it’s like being a giant wrist

We use our hands for just about everything, our fingers the extension that makes it possible to bt tactile and precise. The hands don’t help the mind, it’s not a symbiotic relationship between the two, but we can invent and we can find ways to place hints.

Connected to the hands are out wrists, vulnerable and visible though subconsciously ignored, we give our wrists a considerable amount of intelligent capabilities. If you wear a watch, you understand how valuable it is to have the accessibility of your wrists. If your watch vibrated like mine does, the visual turns into a physical reminder through vibrations and movement.

I was asked to keep a rubber band around my wrist, and told to snap it when i felt a negative impulse toward myself. I have worn a piece of string as a reminder of a place i did not want to forget, and a task i knew i needed to prioritize.

When Mistress ties a bow around my waist, it reminds me of my wrist – but it’s not just the metaphor of the knot that holds the analogy true. The reminder is of Her, it is the reason for the protocol in the first place.

Yesterday when i was uncomfortable because of the large bulge in the back of my pants from the giant bow that was stuffed inside, i giggled, and i was thankful for the constant reminder of Her.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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