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Wearing socks in bed and other horrible fetishes

No, i don’t mean it, i would never describe fetishes as being horrible. There might be horrible people doing horrible things, but one thing i will never do is shame someone for their fetish.

I’m the type of person who gets in bed with cold feet (sorry), and then an hour later i am a raging inferno, so the idea of wearing socks to bed sounds horrible to me. I could wear socks in bed though for 5 minutes or so until i warm up, but i probably wouldn’t.

Along my journey i have had to look in the mirror on several occasions and question my reaction to things, where it was coming from. There is obviously no room for kink shaming, in a community where we all have faced obstacles to actualize our participation in the lifestyle. At the same time, we still have prejudices, we have all changed our opinions on some things over time, and i think it’s important to recognize it, appreciate in ourselves how far we have come.

Remember when you see others who are still struggling to accept change, that you have gone through the same. Educate, empathize and remind people that you don’t have to fall asleep with socks on, just because you wear them to bed.

These panties are like a mesh sock for my cock.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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