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Dress like nobody’s watching

Singing in the shower is a way people amplify the sound they wish they could project to the world. Everyone sounds better in the shower because of the acoustics and the warmth of the steam warming your vocal chords.

What you picture is different, often it’s Carnegie Hall or Madison Square Garden, somewhere others would enjoy hearing you as well.

The concept of doing what you want while nobody 8s watching or listening is that you have the courage to be who you want to be, when in fact people are watching.

I do wish i could dress this way for others, and it would not lose it’s impact on me after daily wear. Have courage to wear what you want, say how you feel, when you find an outlet you are comfortable with to share it in, you will be happy for the time you spent in your shower, closet, or bedroom window practicing while nobody was watching, for when everyone is.

This body stocking fell apart from repeated use, a good trait for any favorite clothing item or filthy slut.

That’s what makes this body stocking special 😉

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