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Twisted. Sister!

Sometimes the things we see as strange or over the top in others are the things we could learn the most from. 

I am someone who struggles to speak in front of others, i search for the right words, i wonder if my meaning is clear. Those who blab on freely without thinking and say inappropriate things seem like aliens to me as a result, but they offer so much insight into what will help me develop better communication skills.

What baffles me most about extroverts is their eagerness to become the center of attention, to openly show so much about themselves. This is the learning, the wisdom i take that helps me communicate, by including myself in the communication.

When i fumble my words, for whatever reason, i know i am nervous, i know something i don’t want to share is being shared. My natural inclination is to stop sharing, but i have trained myself over time to insert something about myself into the communication that i want others to see.

I have spoken in front of large audiences hundreds of times, and learned to include stories, jokes, and opinions in speech that i want others to know. What i saw as twisted became a valuable lesson.

When your panties are twisted in knots, because they are made up of a series of straps and rings, sister, just breath and put yourself into the middle of them the way you want. Ok i saw Pee Wee’s Big Adventure last night and the scene with Twisted Sister was the inspiration for the title and i am reaching… stretching, like the straps of my panties to make it fit.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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