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Pretty cocky

It’s a dilemma many submissives face, how much of their personality to let shine through, how much control is too much control to asset within a D/s negotiation. The extremes are well known and often presented, slaves with no limits of any kind, and submissive who challenge through various forms of topping. In the middle, there’s room for personality and preference and individuality, but it’s every sub’s dilemma choosing just how much is too much of an opinion. 

Here’s my dilemma, i like my penis, i don’t like to admit. I love when Mistress chooses my panties, i have a hard time deciding which ones to display for approval. I like that Mistress chooses the pictures i post, i don’t always want to post the ones She chooses. So… i can hide certain pairs of panties i don’t want to wear because they are uncomfortable, i can take pictures that don’t show my cock, and i can control which of them i share and which i don’t.

What i actually do is show Mistress my penis because She likes it too, i choose my panties fairly at random so She gets to see my full collection that She helped me build, and i send her every picture i take. I think 25% of the pictures i sent today showed my penis, 67% of the pictures selected show my penis. 

My original thought for writing this post was feeling that i need to explain why i am showing so much of my cock today, but as i started typing, i realized i had a role to play, i ultimately wanted to show your my cock today, and i have been given the gift of feeling proud of my cock. If you feel so inclined, please drink it in.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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