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The Morning After

That sugar rush is gone, Valentine’s Day is over – are you crashing from a full day sugar high? Is your tongue burning from cinnamon heart overload? Or are you doing the walk of shame, still wearing those clothes from the night before?

Either scenario is a badge of honor and you should treat it that way, the best way to cure a sugar low is to get back on the horse and get another sugar fix. Go ahead… it’s a lot cheaper today.

Maybe your Valentine’s day was a bit bitter, and you are still feeling the sting from those cinnamon hearts that never seem to fill that void. Milk… it soothes, it coats, it’s the comfort you need so enjoy something rich.

The walk of shame is my favorite, especially for the overly enthusiastic cupid fan, walking home in your devil horns, the painted heart on your cheek, the bow from your pretty pink panties sticking out the back…

That’s what makes these panties special ?

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