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Sticks and stones may break my bones, but lace will erase the scowl on my face

When we let words hold power of us, we reduce our own self worth, and indeed our thick skin to be paper thin and translucent. Referring to ourselves negatively, we attempt to hide the impact those words hold over us, but claiming them first before others can. When we respond to negative words from others, we show them how powerful they are, and how weak our ability to deflect them truly is.

We don’t have the ability to control feelings of hurt caused by words, but we have the ability to prevent them from gaining power. Hurtful words are needed, so when you encounter them and your first thought is, i am going to own this word… you have lost to the power of the word. Semantics are just a way of rationalizing how we express ourselves.

I spent a day with hurtful words written on my body, they were placed strategically to indicate a fear or an insecurity. I could have removed them, but i kept them a little longer, to show they held no power over me, and to show with a little delicate lace and strings, even those hurtful words can be beautiful, because i can choose to make them so.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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