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Cover me up

There’s a song i love by Jason Isbel with this title, and the chorus goes; “cover me up, and know your’re enough, to use me for good”, it speaks to me and the way i am feel vulnerable at the wisp of a breath from Mistress at any given time. 

What struck me yesterday was the friction i felt through my day, by a simple change in dress before heading out for the day. My week was intensely involved and Mistress allowed me to wear my bodysuit, yet where i normally covered it with an undershirt, circumstance would have me go without. The purple plaid shirt i meant to wear with it throughout the day had a stain, i though i could remove with water, i doused and had made a mess of both shirt and undershirt. Quickly i put on another (purple plaid shirt, yes i actually have many) and did not replace with an undershirt.

All day i felt the friction of the lace top of the bodysuit against my skin and against my dress shirt, i could feel as i rose and sat at times, the waist pull over and under the my belt, the knotted tie around the back of my neck sat high against my collar and every so often appeared in the ether. 

I’m not adverse to discussing with others, but i don’t want to be known for my fetishes, i want to be known for my contributions and talents, so i choose to reveal to some. Yet, if Mistress desires, if Her boy is to be discovered by Her hand, i would not fight argue. It’s not out of a desire to be exposed or exhibited to others, it’s to be presented as Hers that brings us both pride. 

I appreciate being covered, and i appreciate the good and wonderful vulnerability of being Hers when it is more than enough for me to know, it is one of my greatest greatest contribution to be have the pleasure of saying that i am Hers.

That’s what makes covering my body special 😉

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