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Smooth skin secrets

I’ve done research and according to everything i have read my daily routine in the shower is as good as i can do for taking care of my skin, but i feel like there are tips and tricks out here i don’t know about. If you’re reading this if you have any, please share.

My skincare routine involved using a loofah in the shower daily, dove body wash is the most sensitive and least dermatologically abrasive soap available (also good for preventing UTIs). I then use conditioner as shaving gel infused with coconut oil, slathering it all over my body and then shaving where… i need to shave. I always shave with the grain and if i go over it again, i may go to the side as long as i have already cleared the area first. Lastly i use cream, also infused with coconut oil, sometimes using a mango body butter.

So… i don’t have a lot of marks and irritations but i do have some, you won’t see many so if you follow the same path you too can have smooth skin. Anything i missed? I would love to hear variants of what has worked for you.

Not wearing panties i got to focus a bit more of my attention on my skin, that’s what makes going commando special 😉

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