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A touch of class and a hint of romance

Romanticism is the glorification and edification of the individual – a concept born out of a desire to reject change at a time when the industrial revolution threatened to favour progress based on science over concepts based on intuition and nature. It’s hard to believe that the rejection of progress was responsible for recognition of the need to connect with nature and our relationship with our bodies and our minds, but it’s true.

It’s a great metaphor for how simple it can be to collect ourselves when feeling overwhelmed, and how easy it can be to feel sexy. I like to imagine things in black and white as a time that metaphorically was presented to me as ideal growing up. The good old days, whether real or imagined can be therapeutic to recall and sensual to relive.

So the next time you need to reconnect with yourself and feel sexy, put tassels on your nipples.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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