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Creating a headspace

Can you maintain the right headspace to feel submissive throughout a protocol, an assignment, task or scene? How about your whole day?

Simple steps can ensure that you maintain the headspace you want by planning ahead and sticking to your plan.

Ahead of your protocol, have everything ready – the planning becomes part of the protocol and the ritual sets the stage. Preparing for your task similarly ensures no matter the outcome, you did everything you could to meet the expectations.

Getting into a rhythm with your protocols and assignments removes any anxiety and allows you to stay in the desired headspace longer. A song or band you listen to, a smell from a cream or lotion, a phrase, it’s the pre-care you can take to give yourself what you need to achieve the headspace you want.

The panties Mistress put me in had plenty of space for my head… The straps on my thighs however, gave me a physical reminder throughout the day of Her presence and helped to maintain that headspace.

That’s what makes these panties special. ?

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