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Chastity, myths and metaphors

I had an idea of what chastity would be like when i gave Mistress control over it 17 months ago and learned it is not a uniform experience, it is truly unique to all.

I observed another in chastity, his torment coerced in real time, his eventual release, and thought it would be this way for all. It seemed so desirable, a struggle, and something that would only grow in strength and appeal the longer it went.

This is not the chastity i experience, this is something that before you begin, you should know.

The human body takes around 48 hours to fully replenish all fluids, when it comes to seminal fluids and other pre-ejaculates they vary depending on your hydration levels and use. If you don’t use it, you don’t lose it, in fact it keeps replenishing itself.

When you first enter into chastity, the idea of release can be very exciting. The anticipation as well can make it easy to become aroused, again after 48 hours your body is ready to experience full release again, likely sooner.

If you are wearing a cage, it can enhance the arousal, knowing that you will likely be faced with an erection that can at times be painful and the predicament it poses can be fun.

Your experience will depend on many factors, whether you wear a cage, whether it is voluntary or forced chastity, and most importantly, whether you are stimulated while in chastity or not.

The fears many have around losing their arousal altogether are unfounded, reduction of the size of your penis, also unfounded. While there have been proven health benefits to regular ejaculation, they have mostly centered around detection of disease by regular manipulation, and cardiovascular benefits would be similar to any regular exercise routine. The size of your penis will never change, although the penis is a muscle, it is possible over time that the cells around the penis that protect the tissues or muscles that expand and contract will become less prominent, the difference in size it makes to your penis is microscopic.

Personally, i have not experienced the scenarios i have read where waves of arousal spontaneously occur, or felt the difference due to any particular period of time. The reasons for chastity are varied and you should understand that alone, chastity will not change your life, good or bad.

What i have gained through chastity is a focus on things outside of physical pleasure. I have a greater understanding of the value i offer as a submissive and how to appreciate myself more.

Chastity was never a goal of mine, but what i learned through chastity i do not think i could have learned without it, and i am grateful for my Mistress who maintains my chastity.

These are Her favorite panties, they are so bright and they are Her favorite color. Being in chastity, being in panties, for Her.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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