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Subspace is a combination of endorphins and other chemicals caused by a deep level of intimacy and arousal that creates an almost drug like high for most. It is usually found during an intense scene and the submissive may seem completely out of it, even unaware to different levels as to what is going on with and around them. It creates an almost euphoric state where pleasure is enhanced and pain sensations are greatly diminished. Not all subs will experience subspace and others will just touch the edges. Most that get there have certain triggers along with a very deep trust in their partner and just let go, submerging into the feelings while letting go of the outside world.

Some describe it as an almost meditative state while others are completely flying. Each person is different and reacts to subspace differently if they get there. Minds, bodies, chemicals and emotions all influence where this path leads. But all who find it describe it as an extremely pleasurable experience.

There are a few drawbacks to being in subspace, such as in your dreamy state you most likely will not be able to safeword if needed. This is where the Dominant needs to be extra observant, watch for signs of the submissive entering subspace and be alert for any changes that could affect the safety of their sub. If playing alone and there is a chance of getting to subspace plan ahead, make sure the area is safe and have a backup plan. The other part to watch for is if you achieve this super high then eventually those chemicals will diminish back to a normal or lower state, causing a crash known as sub drop. It can be an extremely intense low and you should have a plan for this as well. It can be a very dark place and for some may not hit for a day or two. Again, make a plan and have someone you can communicate with.

In summary, subspace is a peak of pleasure that brings with it a very high high and usually a very low low later. It can be addicting to some and they will want it again and again. Play safe and consensual, trust your partner, do your research and have fun. Like everything, don’t rush it.


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