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Anal Play

First understand that anal play is enjoyed by both females and males and regardless of sexual orientation. Woman find anal stimulation pleasurable because the G-spot can be indirectly stimulated, while men may find it enjoyable since it directly stimulates their P-spot. There are various forms of anal play, which include anal fingering, anal fisting, anal douching, enema, rimming, or anal-oral sex, insertion of penis, and pegging are some.

The important thing as in any play is to research, learn, understand what the particular play involves and the safety issues to consider. This is especially true in anal play, since the anus and rectum produce no natural lubrication and consist of delicate tissues that easily tear with excessive force. Thus injury may result without proper engagement of play. Further anal play puts individuals at risk of either transmitting or contracting sexual transmitted infections (STIs). Thus always use and be liberal in use of lubrication to prevent tissue tearing. A condom is also a very good idea especially to prevent the spreading of STIs or bacteria. Any toys involved should always involve a flared base to prevent getting lost in the rectum. You can also use condoms over your toys to keep them clean.

You do not have to have full-blown anal sex to enjoy. Some women (and men) from their youth years learned and like stimulation in that area which is understandable because there are many nerve endings located there. Anal activity may also be used in conjunction and to heighten oral sex and/or intercourse.. However one thing to keep in mind never re-insert anything used in anal play into a woman’s vagina.

Anal sex has been around for as long as sex has been and is very much a part of lovemaking in heterosexual people. In both sexes in all walks of life anal sex is an enjoyable alternative to vaginal lovemaking. Yet it also is not for everyone, thus discussion before must occur, for it may just add some fun, spice in your sexual play. Anal sex does carry a certain taboo for some obvious reason, just the excreting of the waste product alone has negative connotations, however this actually plays a small part if at all and can be controlled. Yet bacteria cannot thus safety all the time. Additionally early history portrayed Satan in paintings in not so glorious art. Yet anal sex was a well-accepted way of sex during the Roman and Greek eras.

As far as anal penetration positions there are as many as the imagination may create as is with vaginal sex. Some people enjoy being able to watch thus the missionary position of the legs raised a tad higher is enjoyable. While the stomach position offers the partners the ability to roll over on their side facing in the same direction, often with a leg drawn up and commonly referred to as a spoon position. This position may be best for a starting position for beginners. For it prevents a person going too fast and allows control over penetration. Plus you are close together and can gauge each-others reaction and comfort.

A very popular position (and may be used by both a male or female pegging). Is when a person lies on back, while the other straddles either the penis or dildo and lowers themselves onto the other. And this position may be perform forward or backwards! Yet if male is being straddled be careful for a penis cartilage can tear or be sprained. This positions also offers hands free play to massage, caress breasts, clit, or masturbate cock. There is also what is commonly referred to as ‘doggy style’, is the position most think of visually and does offer the deepest penetration. Yet this position does not offer the intimacy of others nor allows for effective communication. Another position is when a person on their back draws knees to chest and places legs over shoulders of partner who presses down to a face to face position. This position allows for an easy penetration and a very deep entry. Further, bending over while in a standing position, supporting self with a table, bed, chair or other object such as a car hood thus outdoor anal play may be enjoyed. Well if you are into outdoor play and anal play you will enjoy in practically all the described positions!

As you can see positions are endless, is just up to play partners imaginations, discussing and being safe. Which leads to a final point – be responsible. Do not cum inside anyone without both parties being screened and being STD free. Use a condom and enjoy! One last thought, research and learn and also learn how to clean your anal cavity before anal sex for a positive, enjoy experience.

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